Men and women who are facing family hardship will likely look for family lawyers Sydney based professionals for representation, guidance and support in these tough times.

Especially for cases involving separation, divorce, child adoption, guardianship, financial and property disputes, their expertise is essential in reaching a satisfactory outcome.

It would be convenient to hire a representative on the spot who happens to be cheap and close by, but participants of the justice system should think more strategically about who they decide to work with.

There are no less than 6 key features that will point people in the right direction.


1) Expert Communication

The most important feature that a client should be able to identify with family lawyers in Sydney is their capacity to communicate effectively. No delaying or obfuscating of their duty. From the consultations that are booked to keeping their client informed online and offline, they should provide an environment where the individual feels confident to confide in them and discuss case details at length. Once communication breaks down, the trust will quickly follow.


2) Free Initial Consultation

The gesture of an obligation-free opening consultation will not be lost on clients who require family lawyers in Sydney standing in their corner. This will demonstrate a level of care in their constituents, opening their door to people who would normally struggle to receive valuable legal advice and guidance. If they are indeed working for themselves or a firm and have this open door policy, it will be indicative of an operator who can be trusted.


3) Presenting Multiple Legal Avenues

Men and women do not want to be boxed into a single decision when they are facing these cases. This is where family lawyers in Sydney will be able to offer a series of alternative solutions, utilising loopholes and laws that work to their own favour. From the initial filing of an application to responding to that request or proceeding with charges, there are always opportunities and risks involved with going down a single legal path. A feature that must be evident for local clients is working with a specialist who provides a full picture rather than a single defined pathway.


4) First-Class Research & Evidence Acquisition Skills

In order to persuade a judge and receive a quality outcome for the client, family lawyers in Sydney have to be able to gather evidence that supports their claim. A central feature of their practice should be investing in key research endeavours, arriving at the table equipped with documents, reports, references, DNA tests, video and photographic evidence to persuade a judge. Any solicitor can respond to evidence that is deemed admissible but it is the act of gathering and strategically planning the use of evidence that truly counts.


5) Flourish During Key Legal Appointments

lawyer-client consultation

From the initial hearing to a mediation session or going as far as a trial, family lawyers in Sydney should be able to shine their brightest when they are representing their client for a key legal appointment. Each stage in this instance provides a unique setting, testing the lawyer’s capacity to argue, negotiate, listen and persuade where necessary. If there is any example where family lawyers in Sydney are judged it is in these moments where they have to perform against their peers and represent their client to their best ability.


6) They Come Highly Recommended By The Community

Solicitors in Sydney who are experts in family law are ranked and reviewed by their constituents on a daily basis. Firms will rise and fall depending on the results they achieve, helping to provide a level of transparency for a spouse who has to make an informed decision on who will represent them and their interests.